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Standards you can trust

SWCA and its parent association the European Bottled Watercooler Association (WE) are constantly monitoring the latest developments and trends in the water and cooler industry. With connected associations in more than 20 countries and a direct link to the other continental and global associations we are the industry authority when it comes to legislation, safety, hygiene, development, training and consulting. The association executes and publishes research and development reports, communicates with (inter)national authorities, laboratories and other expertson this field of interest. Learn more at

Why should you choose a SWCA
member for your water and cooler supply? 
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Why a SWCA member?

When you choose to have a water cooler installed or to order bottled water, always ensure the supplier is a SWCA member!


Accredited SWCA members are your guarantee for:


- Quality

- Safety

- Hygiene awareness

- Sustainability, and

- Audited operations meeting legal and industry regulations and guidelines

Quality & Safety


The Association's strict standards provide a guarantee of product safety and quality, supported by an unimpeachable level of service.


Sanitisation Programme


SWCA Distributor Members are mandated to carry out regular sanitisation and hygiene visits to coolers, ensuring product safety and quality.


Audit Programme


All Members of the SWCA must adhere to strict annual audits relevant to their specific activity be it bottling, distributing or supply of industry products.


Environmentally Friendly Practices


To meet European Legislation the SWCA mandates that its Members follow guidelines on the disposal of coolers and related products at the end of their life. Members are encouraged to select products based on low energy consumption, recyclability and use of eco friendly refrigant.

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