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Why should I choose a SWCA member? 
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Who can join?


























How do I become a member?












Why Join?



If you are actively involved in the water cooler industry as a distributor, bottler, supplier, institute or affiliated service company or institute you can become a member of SWCA. 


SWCA is an independent platform and membership is available for those parties meeting the terms and conditions set for the category they apply for. Where not conflicting with national legislation SWCA has adopted the international standards as set by the European Bottled Water Cooler Association (WE).


There are different types of membership available.


- Supplier Member 


- Candidate Member (bottler and or distributor)


- Accredited Member (bottler and or distributor)


- Supporting Member


For continued membership and accreditation, Members must adhere to strict Bylaws, Codes of Practice and the Code of Advertising and Conduct and are audited for compliance annually by 3rd party inspection organisations.


Complete the application form and send it to the SWCA secretariat. Once your application is approved by the Executive Council and your Membership Fee is paid you become a Candidate Member. Within one year an independent audit will be executed and reviewed. When this audit is passed succesfully you will become a full accredited member the following year. Applicants have one year to fulfil full membership criteria.


Supplier and Supporting members do not have to pass an audit and become full member once their application is approved by the Executive Council and their Membership Fee is paid.



As a full member you enjoy the benefits of being listed in the SWCA website, using the SWCA logo and representing yourself as an accredited SWCA member. You are also allowed to market and distribute the Why Choose a SWCA Member leaflet. More reasons to join you will find on our Why Join page.




Find a Member

Are you looking for a SWCA member to provide you with bottled and / or mains fed water or other industry related suppliers?


Please select from the list of accredited members below. These companies have proven to apply to the governing international and national quality and hygiene awareness standards.


Accredited members :


Dolphin Central Europe, s.r.o. >>


PureWater, s.r.o. >>

More reasons to join and answers to your question on membership...

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